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An Author’s “Happy Place”

The title of this piece may sound weird, but I can guarantee that nearly every author has one. A “happy place” can mean a ton of things to different people, but I’m specifically talking about situations that kickstart an author’s creativity.

A while ago, I was experiencing a hefty bout of writer’s block. I’d been stuck at the same junction in my story for over a week, and it didn’t matter that I’d jumped across it and continued to write, intending to come back to it later. That single plot point remained as empty as an abyss as the days ticked by, and it was really starting to get to me. During an outing, in a totally unrelated move, I ran into a friend and decided I’d go on a motorcycle ride with them, and about an hour in, I started to think about my story. By the time I’d made it home, I’d figured out what direction I wanted the tale to go in. I was amazed.

Everyone has a different “happy place,” and it doesn’t have to be just one, either. Over time, I’ve discovered that along with long, quiet rides (no motorcycle necessary!), cooking is enough another activity that can lead to me pondering some juicy plots. The key to trumping writer’s block might differ for every person, but I’d encourage everyone to pay attention to when those a-ha moments occur. Don’t try too hard, but if you’re careful, you may just discover a great way to add narrative to your work!

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